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I created this blog because I personally believe the internet is cluttered with tips and advice on how to make money online by "gurus" and "experts" that is not practical for the common newbie. Did you know it is widely believed that 97% of all people trying to make money online will fail? There is only a tiny 3% of people succeeding in online marketing, and the primary reason for this is that most of the methods people learn from them when they get started simply don't work for the bottom 97% of us!

For example, did you know the average cost to advertise your website on search engines such as Google and Bing can cost you over $1 for a single click?! Or, did you know the average cost for a single follower using Facebook or Twitter ads is between $1-2 each?! Despite these ridiculously high prices for traffic that is not guaranteed to convert, a lot of internet marketers that claim to be making a ton of money online will tell you that this is their #1 marketing strategy! They will also tell you to practice useless "white-hat" SEO strategies such as starting a campaign to randomly ask high-ranking authority figures in your niche for a backlink to your website. Of course, it's true that links are still the primary ranking signal used by search engines, but what random person that doesn't know you any better than they know the CEO of Hong Kong's central bank is gonna give you a backlink to your website simply because you asked them for one? Would you? Of course not! I have spent enough time in the marketing world to know it doesn't work that way for new marketers that have not already built up an online presence worth them linking to - especially when they know the dofollow backlinks they give you will also affect their page's search ranking!

These are the primary reasons why 97% of people getting started in making money online will fail, and it's where I come in to reveal my free strategies you can use to level the playing field for you. You may not have thousands of dollars to spend on ads, and you may not already be an authority in your niche (if you are, that will help you a lot), but either way, if you use the strategies I share in my free ebook and all throughout my website, it won't matter because they are specifically designed for people that don't meet either of those conditions. Did you know you can easily get 50-100 or more targeted followers a day on Twitter and Instagram without spending a penny to generate any of them? Or that, right now, with absolutely no money of your own, you can signup to promote a lot of the brands and products you already use to those 50-100+ followers a day and make 50-75% of all of the money you generate in commission made by the clicks/visitors you send to their website? I know you can because I am doing it right now! And if you subscribe to my blog, you can get my free ebook "Crush It On Twitter!" and learn how you can also use the same strategies I use and start making money today if you wish! All without needing a website of your own or having to personally sell anything to anyone. You can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month by simply getting people to click on a link! How does 50-100+ FREE followers ($50-200 DAILY VALUE if you had generated them through paid Twitter ads!) a day sound to get you started? Click the link below to learn my strategies and get started! And last but not least, welcome to internet marketing for the bottom 97% of marketers that rarely make it out of the shark tank alive!



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