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The Importance of Video Marketing for Small Business Owners

Video marketing is a very important strategy for the long-term success of any social media campaign. In fact, it is widely reported that over 80% of all internet traffic will be video content by the end of 2020. Video marketing is growing at a pace much faster than most other internet marketing channels, which makes it one of the best digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the strategic use of video content to promote your brand or website. Statistics show more than 500 million hours of video gets watched on YouTube every day and more video media has been uploaded to the web in the past 30 days than all of the major US television networks in the past 30 years. Many small business owners falsely believe that they have to have a multi-million dollar company or an enormous marketing budget to succeed in video marketing, but that is far from true.

How to succeed with video marketing

Video marketing is by far the most lucrative long-term digital marketing strategy. Social media users are now using video media more than they ever did in the past, and this means that the profit potential for video marketing is also increasing at a very rapid pace. In fact, statistics show adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Carefully crafting your videos to the needs and interests of your target audience will lead to more traffic (and potentially, sales) for your business when done with strategic planning. For example, in a recent study, 83% of businesses said they saw a greater return on investment when they added videos to their website.

To be honest, the quality of your videos matters more than anything else in terms of being successful with video marketing. However, if you are not an expert at creating videos, there are many great software tools online to make the process easier and they are constantly increasing in quality and becoming more affordable. What really matters the most is producing high-quality content your viewers can relate to, which is shown by the fact &studies have shown& that most viewers will think less of your brand when your videos don't do a good job of explaining your product or service or appealing to their needs.

Videos are also more useful for mobile users who don't have the time (or screen space) to read large blocks of text at a time. As a matter of fact, YouTube reports show the rate of video viewers from mobile devices has increased by at least 100% every year. This is one of the most important reasons why you should always optimize the videos on your websites for mobile viewers. And since a lot of your viewers will be using a mobile device when they connect with your social media profiles as well, it's also a great idea to include videos in your social media updates as much as you possibly can to get the best results out of your video marketing efforts.

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