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5 Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Need tips on how to improve your email open rates? Check out these five email marketing tips below.

1.  Avoid spam filters

Email spam has costed businesses to lose $676 in revenue in 2017. One of the best ways to avoid spam filters is to build an organic list of followers who are actually interested in what you are promoting. Emails sent to these subscribers will have a much higher open rate than emails sent to lists that have been purchased or scraped from the web. You should also use valid reply-to email addresses and avoid overusing spam filter trigger words.

2. Create engaging subject lines

Your email subject line is usually the first thing your subscribers will see, so it's very important to create an engaging subject line that makes a strong first impression. A/B testing can be done to see which styles provide the best open rates - some examples can include using emojis, telling a funny (but subject-appropriate) joke, or asking a rhetorical question. Testing different email lines for open rates will make you more money and prevent you from creating email campaigns that aren't being read by as many of your subscribers as possible.

3. Segment your email lists

Email lists can be segmented into several subcategories based on many factors such as date of subscription, location, industry, purchase history, and interaction history. By sending highly relevant email campaigns to target subscribers on your list, you'll be able to increase open rates, increase deliverability, and potentially increase sales. According to the DMA National Client Email Report of 2015, approximately 77% of analyzed email marketing revenue came from segmented email campaigns.

4. Use the recipient's name

Emails are much more likely to be opened if they include the recipient's name because they are more personal and makes the reader feel like it was written specifically for them. This will catch their attention and engage enough to open your message and see what you are saying about them.

5. Create relevant content

Last but not least, no one will want to open your email unless they think the content will be interesting or relevant to their needs. If they see your email in their inbox and feel like it's similar to what they have seen before or provides no value, regardless of how enticing or engaging you may think it is, they will skip over it without thinking twice about it. Creating relevant content in your emails is one of the best ways to maintain a high open rate.

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