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Short Guide to Creating Effective Email Autoresponder Campaigns

Do email autoresponders actually work? Of course! Email autoresponders are a great way to engage your audience, build trust, and promote your brand. Using an email autoresponder is by far the best way to nurture your leads into buying customers.

What is an email autoresponder?

Email autoresponders are a series of pre-written emails sent out automatically to new mailing list subscribers to promote relevant content to them. They are primarily used in marketing to build brand awareness or promote products to new subscribers and generate sales. Email autoresponder campaigns primarily have three objectives:

• Collect new leads
• Build relationships with new leads
• Convert leads into customers

How to create an email autoresponder?

Contrary to what many new marketers believe, creating an email autoresponder is not a difficult process at all. The following steps will show you how to create one.

1. Create goals for your campaign

The first thing you should do is to create goals for your autoresponder campaign. This can include things like what groups are your target audience, how you are going to promote to them (PPC, SEM, social networking, etc.), or how many subscribers you want in the next few days, weeks, or months. Though it might sound cliché, there are many possible reasons for creating an email autoresponder, and the structure of your autoresponder campaign will ultimately depend on your brand identity and target outcome (goals).

2. Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a free gift (usually digital) that you will give away to new subscribers to encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list. This can be a free ebook, video tutorial, or mini-lesson your target audience may be interested in (as long as it provides value and delivers on its promise).

3. Create a series of emails for your newsletter

Every mailing list newsletter should begin a welcome email describing your brand and what you have to offer followed by a few emails designed to elicit a response and build a relationship with your subscribers. One of the best ways to get high open rates and engagement rates on your emails is to segment your mailing list. Segmented email campaigns receive much higher open rates than regular email campaigns sent to your entire mailing list because they are more specific and direct to what your subscribers are interested in.

4. Choose a high-quality email marketing service provider

Last but not least, in order to set up an email autoresponder, you will need a reputable email marketing service provider designed for bulk emailing that will work hard to make sure your emails get delivered. GetResponse is one of the best low-cost solutions for your marketing needs.


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