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Top 5 Most Important HTML Tags for SEO

You need traffic for your website, right? Well, organic search drives 53% of all site traffic on the web, and knowing which HTML tags are best for SEO is one of the most important steps to ranking your website on the first page of search results. Here are the top five most important HTML tags for search engine optimization.

1. Title tag

Title tags are very important in SEO because they tell search engine crawlers what your website is about. Therefore, these tags should always include relevant keywords related to your website and, make a good impression, as they are often the first thing your readers will see in search engine results. Be sure to brand your title tags and make sure your robots.txt file is not preventing search engines from crawling your page.

2. Header tag

HTML header tags range from H1-H6 with the H1 tag being the primary header and H2-H6 being known as subheadings. H1 tags are used by search engines to determine what the content of your page is about. Header tags are also great for SEO because they improve user experience by diving large web pages into readable sections.

3. Meta description tag

Meta description tags are HTML snippets added to the "head" section of your website to tell search engines what your page content is about. They are usually shown in search results below the URL and title tag. Effective meta descriptions should include target SEO keywords and relevant text descriptions to increase CTR and conversions.

4. Anchor tag

Anchor tags are HTML tags that usually include a hyperlink and anchor text. The anchor text used in your anchor tags plays a huge role in SEO because it tells search engines what the sponsored page you are linking to is about. As stated in section 2.2 of The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, anchor tags are then used by search engines as vital keywords for ranking the URL your hyperlinks point to.

5. Canonical tag

Canonical tags are important for SEO because they can help you avoid duplicate content penalties if you have multiple versions of the same page hosted on the web. They are used in HTML tags to tell search engines that a specified URL represents a master (or primary) copy of a webpage. This is important for helping you to prevent indexing issues you will likely face by having duplicate content on the web.

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