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What are Google Microments?

Every business has a story to tell. No matter what industry you're in, Google Microments can help you reach the people that will care about your story. And because Google Microments are built on artificial intelligence, they'll help marketers do more with less--leaving them more time, money, and energy to focus on delighting the people they want to reach.

What is a Microment?

Microments are increasingly popular in the digital world. Google defines microments as "small moments of time when someone might be looking for something to do or an answer to a problem". They are short periods of time (between 3-5 seconds) when people are willing to engage with brands. It is important that marketers pay attention to this trend and start using it in their marketing strategies.

Google Micromoments are divided into four categories: I want to know moments, I want to do moments, I want to buy moments, and I want to go moments. These are the moments when someone is searching for something specific on Google, but they're not sure what. This type of search is usually exploratory in nature.

Why you should care about Google Microments

Some of the reasons why you should care about Google Microments are:

  • It helps you to get feedback from your customers in real time,

  • It allows you to collaborate with your employees on specific projects,

  • It lets you post announcements and update your company's blog.

How companies have Uutilized Google Microments to maximize customer engagement

Companies have placed a heavy focus on utilizing Google Microments to maximize customer engagement. In order to create the perfect Microment, companies need to know what their customer wants and needs. It offers three ways for businesses to use it:

Micro interactions

Micro Interactions are the simplest way to engage with customers, they are quick and simple. This can be achieved by asking questions, giving feedback, or providing helpful information.

Micro conversations

Micro Conversations are much more involved than Micro Interactions, they can last up to 15 minutes and happen in real time. These conversations are designed to be more personalized and friendly with the customer.

Definitive engagement

Sometimes you need your customer’s permission to take action on them; this is where Definite Engagement comes in handy. It's a way of getting permission from your customer without being intrusive and actually knowing what they want from you.


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