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What is Content Marketing?

You've heard the term thrown around a lot, but what is content marketing? Just like any other marketing, it works by building brand awareness for the company and then increasing sales by drawing visitors back to the site. But these visitors are driven to the site through educational and helpful content around a certain keyword you want to rank for – instead of just another advertisement.

Defining Content Marketing

As defined by HubSpot, content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract and retain customers through the creation and sharing of valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Content marketing can be executed through many different channels, including email, social media, display advertising, and search engine marketing.

Content marketing is a customer-centric approach focused on creating useful content to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing makes use of various types of media to keep the target audience informed about the company’s products or services. This includes blogs, videos, webinars, whitepapers, and eBooks.

Why Content Marketing is Effective

Content marketing is more effective than traditional advertising because it's more personal. When you create quality content that speaks directly to your customers' needs, they're more likely to respond. And when they respond, you can build trust with them over time. This creates a relationship that makes it easy for them to buy from you again and again.

Content marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for any business. It's cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing, and it has many other benefits as well:

  • It establishes your brand as an authoritative source in your industry.

  • It attracts new customers by providing useful information about their challenges and needs — information that will help them solve their problems.

  • It increases search engine rankings by creating more relevant content on your website (which improves your domain authority).

  • It provides potential customers with case studies showing how other people have benefited from using your products or services (which helps build trust).

Should Your Business Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing is not a new concept, but it has become increasingly important as more companies focus on developing an inbound marketing strategy. The ability to attract users through quality content is essential for any business today.

In fact, conversion rates are almost six times higher for brands that use content marketing. Moreover, content marketing costs are 62% less than traditional forms of marketing,

Content marketing helps businesses to:

  • Attract new customers.

  • Increase sales.

  • Build trust.

  • Build Brand awareness.

  • Generate leads.

  • Increase visibility with viral content.

One of the main goals of content marketing is establishing trust with your audience. Many people are put off by sales pitches, especially if they don't know anything about the company that's selling the product or service being pitched. If you can provide valuable information to prospective customers without pressuring them into buying something from you, then they will be more likely to trust you when you do eventually make a sale pitch.

Therefore, your business should use content marketing any chance it gets. It's not just about creating "pretty" content – it's about creating value through your blog posts, videos, infographics and more. In fact, it's about creating so much value that visitors would be crazy not to subscribe to your email list so they can get more of your great content in the future!


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